Saturday, June 1, 2013


If there is one thing you know about CJ is the boy LOVES to eat. Not just any plain jane food, good food. CJ liked to say he had a “sophisticated food palate” and knew a good meal. He did.

When we first started to date… Girls being girls, I would order a salad. CJ would take me to all these different places to eat with food from around the world, and I was clueless on what to order. I soon came to my senses and LOVED it with him. I think one of our biggest argument (haha if you even call it an argument) was whenever we went to eat, I would always like his food better and I would get mad because I wanted his over mine. He always just smiled at me, and even gave in and would switch me plates just because he loves me so much… but to solve our “argument” CJ came up with a solution, a game changer, he loved fixing a situation to benefit us both. He said “why don’t I just order my two top choices from the menu and we can switch half way and both be happy about it. BOOM, solved.  I hardly even looked at a menu from that point on because I always knew he would pick a good meal. One thing I always loved with him, is he would always ask me if our waiter/waitress looked like a “good eater”? If so, we trusted their opinion to what the best thing to order on the menu. We both considered ourselves “good eaters”. We were so good… we had a club, the C.P.C. club- CLEAN PLATE CLUB. Whenever we were in the club for our meal… CJ would say “das my babe” and give me a big high five or at the end of our meal… which ALWAYS had to end on a dessert, we would do our hand shake to each other laughing with how much we ate.

He wasn’t just a simple “light” meal eater either… he was a three course meal… all meals of the day.  He loved desserts…and I love that because most men (or at least I feel this way) are not huge treat people. Not my babe.  This the main reason we had our “love weight” gain once we were married. We were so happy we ate it up… every day was date night, and we both put on some LBS of love.

Whenever we went on a trip… our days revolved around where the best place to eat was…. Because lets get real people, that is the best part of your day.. FOOD. Without it we get hungry and grumpy… CJ is a happy guy… so we just kept that food coming, it always made me so happy to see him eat a good meal… I guess people noticed that about us, because for our year anniversary my parents took us to Vegas and we went to a buffet because my dad said: “I like to see you both eat because it makes you happy..” haha, so for our anniversary my dad wanted to watch us eat together.

My favorite memory, maybe of all times (well the one I laughed the most at) is when we were in New York. We were just walking around the city and I just wanted to test CJ to see if he knew my favorite food, so I asked what that was (I don’t even know what y favorite food is, I just wanted to see what he would say) He just turned to me with the biggest smile and said “CALORIES” he didn’t even break into a laugh, It was like a sincere answer… he did pause before he answered, gave it some thoughts, and that is his answer “my babe loves her calories, anything that has calories, she love them”. I tried to be mad about the comment.. but I just started to laugh and gave him a big ole kiss because he just loves his babe… no matter how beastly I was. I thought it was the cutest answer/insulting answer, but very truthful. We both just would ask that question throughout our trip and just laugh… calories. The more I think about this, the more it really is the most LOVING answer. He just loves me. He always said I would love you even if you gained 100 pounds… it’s just more to love!! Haha.  I can just see him looking at me with that smirk just laughing at me.

Whenever I order now, I always ask the waiter what his favorite meal is.. and base my order off that. I know CJ would be proud of me.. I am actually making a decision and ordering how he taught me to. I miss him like crazy… and love him like CRAZY!