Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 11

Two years ago we slept in today. It was a Saturday and we slept in hard. We got dressed and went and played tennis for a couple hours and hopped on our bikes and went to togo's for lunch. On the way home it started to rain and we were both laughing because we were frozen and just in our sweaty gym clothes. We stopped by the sports authority to fix the strings on my racquet and rode home. We watched a couple episodes of breaking bad and then CJ said "I'm going to take you on a date. Get ready" so we got ready and drove down to Laguna beach and walked around and watched the high school kids take pictures on the beach. I stood behind him so he would block the wind and we watched the sunset. The sunset was so pretty and he snuck this picture because I don't like solo shots. After sunset we went and got pizza and walked into some shops. It was a filled day and I remember it like it was yesterday. We lived for the weekends and to spend all day with each other. I woke up today a remembered today. Miss him and love him. #ilovemycj and I am grateful for all the love I am feeling this week from everyone